Mt. Haponang Banoy

haponang banoyMt. Haponang Banoy is one of theĀ  mountains in the province of Rizal, situated in the municipality of Montalban. In almost same spot, the legendary Mt. Pamitinan and cave and Mt. Binacayan are located. In addition to that, Wawa dam is one of apple of eye in the area. The Trail | The first part of the trail is easy to moderate terrain, but after Crossing, most if the terrain is already composed of rock scrambling. Wearing dependable shoes and gloves are recommended for the sharp rock edges.

pamitinan binacayanOn the summit, there’s 360 degrees view of the province. The view is so rewarding and relaxing. The wind is cool and really fresh. How to get here | Beside Jolibee – Farmers, Cubao, we rode in an FX bound for Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal, near Ministop. In Eastwood, we rode in a tricycle going to Wawa. Registration in DENR and Tourism are highly recommended. All the hikers are in need of guides.


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