Mt. Halcon

Mt. HalconMt. Halcon is one of the toughest mountain in the Philippines, rated 9/9 in terms of its difficulty and 2582 MASL. It’s one of the giants of Region 4 – B. Aside from it’s difficulty, this mountain is always part of the must climb list of most of the hikers in the Philippines even though it is considered as one of the deadliest – and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to hike this mountain. Before hiking, I made sure that I am fully equipped: from physical, emotional and mental. I also made myself busy in doing online research on what to expect on the trail.

Mt. Halcon TrailThe Trail | Halcon has a long, narrow, covered and semi-established trail and is categorized as virgin rainforest, so walking on its trail wasn’t easy. Given the fact that we hiked this mountain during rainy season, but still our strength were measured. On our Day 0, the weather was fine but the terrain was already wet. The trail was slippery and leech infested, so it was not that easy. Good thing that I noticed on the terrain, Day 0 and Day 1, the terrain is composed of farms being cultivated by the mangyan tribe members and they are still using the old way of farming. In every sides of the trail I saw corns, rice, bananas, and other fruit bearing trees.

The Summit | Sad to say that we weren’t able to reach the summit of this giant. Our guide didn’t permit us to continue due severe weather condition. We didn’t question that decision since we all know that there are still next time to do it.

How to Get Here | From Manila, we rode a bus to Batangas port. Then, we rode on a ferry bound for Things to Consider | Registration, DENR permits, guides, BMC are needed.


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