Mt. Guiting-guiting

mt. guiting guiting romblonG2 is another name given to Mt. Guiting-guiting. This is one of the giants of Region 4 – B, situated in Sibuyan Island, Romblon. It is considered as one of the toughest mountain to hike, garnered 9/9 in terms of difficulty. This giant bears a lot, both flora and fauna. Also, it has a lot of stories that locals and many hikers knew.

Mt. Guiting guitingThe Trail | Day 0 and Day 1 is considered as simple to moderate ascent, in terms of it’s trail difficulty, this also contains river crossing. Day 2 to descent: is the hardest one, especially if you’re hiking in reverse. This includes knife edge, kiss the wall and the summit.

Mt. Guiting-guiting Knife EdgeKnife Edge | One of the amazing feature of Guiting-guiting, called the saw tooth, its name literally describes how it looks like from afar. While on the trail traversing this part, I saw pitcher plants and other colorful ornaments in every parts of the terrain. This mountain is really majestic!

How to Get Here | From Manila, we rode in a bus bound for Batangas Port. Then rode in a ferry bound for Romblon, Romblon. Take note: Ferry departure is only at around 3-4PM, daily. Then, in Romblon Port, we rode in a ferry bound for Ambulong Port, in Sibuyan Island.

Things to Consider | Guides and DENR registration is a must processed before the climb.


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