Mt. Daraitan

Mt. Daraitan

Want nature tripping with exciting activities? Mt. Daraitan is perfect for you. This is one of the prides of Rizal and considered as a paradise near Manila. It is situated in and a boundary of Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon. Daraitan is one of the logging areas in the province, but was converted to a paradise for people with extreme trip. This mountain is a small part in Sierra Madre Ranges: so it has spring, waterfalls, limestone formations, natural pools and rich in flora and fauna.

Mt. Daraitan

The Campsite | The campsite of Daraitan is well established. Locals and management allotted a space for the hikers and campers, located almost beside the Tinipak River. During summer season, management allows to camp by the river, literally beside the waters.

Mt. Daraitan

How to Get Here | From Crossing, we rode in a jeepney bound for Tanay and alighted at the public terminal. Jeepneys to Daraitan are parked at the rear side of the public market. If you want extreme, you can do top load, like we did. Photo above. We alighted in Sampaloc, crossed the river and rode in a tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan.

Things to Consider | Registration and guide are needed. Crossing the river might be difficult because of the strong current.


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