Mt. Pulag

Mt. PulagMt. Pulag is considered as the third highest mountain in the Philippines and the highest point in Luzon, measures 2,922MASL. Most of the hikers place this mountain as one of the ‘must climb’ list because of its majestic beauty which captures everyone’s heart. The ambiance from your first step on trail is cool and even more when you’re on the summit. This mountain features the famous “sea of clouds” which attracts many tourist. This is a majestic phenomenon where the hikers, on the summit, are literally above the clouds.

Mt. PulagThe Trails | There are three main trails: from the simple Ambangeg, to the hardest Ambaguio and Tawangan. Most of the tourist love to hike on Ambangeg trail, since it’s simple and the terrain is really good, perfect for the first timer.

Been here several times but I still love walking on Ambangeg trail. The first part of the trail, the terrain is ascending, passing on the sides of cabbage plantations and walking the trail covered with bonsai, flowering plants and trees. The last part is composed of long and wide grasslands to the campsite and summit. The slopes look really good on the background. If it’s summer the grasses are brown and if it’s not it’s green – look so great.

Mt. PulagThe weather | Before hiking, anyone should be aware of the climate on top of Pulag. This mountain has unpredictable weather condition, that even it’s summer, there will be rains. From October to February, please expect for a super cold weather, sometimes it has zero degrees.

How to Get Here | We rode in a Victory Liner Cubao bus bound for Baguio, travel time is within 6 – 8 hours. Then, we chartered a jeep to DENR, for registration and seminar. Then, 4 – 5 hours travel to Ambangeg Ranger Station, Bokod, Benguet.


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