Mt. Batulao

Mt. BatulaoMt. Batulao is one of the most beautiful mountains in southern Luzon. Situated in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, just two to three hours travel from Manila. This mountain bears a majestic slope and cool ambiance, making it as one of most hiked mountain in Batangas.

Mt. Batulao summitThe Summit | Batulao really has this amazing and majestic view from the top. The wind blowing is really cool and the 360 degrees view is remarkable. You can see the grass in lashing and vibrant green colors covering the slopes of Batulao and the other mountains nearby.

The Trail | From evercrest, it’s more than a kilometer walk to the main jump off, passing on the road in the nearby village. Before reaching the fork trail, where the old and the new trail met, you can see the gorgeous range formation of Batulao. New trail is simple to moderate trail type, ascending to the Camp 2 (another registration and fees will be collected.) From Camp 2 to the succeeding camps and to the summit is an assault with rope segment. Then, another moderate trail, to descent.

Mt. Batulao trailThe Climate | Since this mountain is situated near the famous Tagaytay City, which is famous for its cool weather, Batulao also got that cool ambiance making it so hiker friendly.

How to Get Here | We rode in a bus bound for Nasugbu and alighted in Evercrest gold course. Needs to Consider | Management recommended that everyone planning to hike Batulao needs to register first and must secure their own guides to avoid untoward incidents. In the village, minors would offer guide services for a very low price, but we also need to consider the knowledge of these people on safety precautions.


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