Mt. Maculot

Mt. MaculotMt. Maculot became famous when the sad story of Victor Ayson spread on the  news and we were there a week before that accident happened. After that  incident, there were a lot of changes in this mountains, especially the policies. But  still, the natural beauty and richness of it is intact.

Mt. Maculot CampsiteThe Trail | From the jump off, its few meters walk on a concrete road and once  you reached the Maculot Road, then that’s the start of the trek. The first part is  walking on an ascending narrow trail. Majority of this narrow trail is uphill, with  shrubs, grasses and trees on the sides. Also, ‘bj’ or ‘buko juice‘ vendors are also  available.

The Campsite and the Summit | The campsite is a long and open space that can  handle more than 20 tents. Since it’s open, expect for a hotter campsite but in the  evening, the sea breeze is strong and it’s cold. The summit is more than an hour  ascend to the top. The trail is not that established because few hikers are passing  on this route. But the terrain is like a rainforest, with mosses hanging on the trees,  wild orchids and other colorful ornaments everywhere. During our hike, traverse  was still allowed and the remarkable part was the rope segment, few meters from  the summit. Before leaving the mountain, another spot that captures the heart of  the Catholics is the Grotto. There are crosses where tourists can light up candles  during holy week season.

Rockies Mt. MaculotThe Rockies | One of the features of Maculot where hikers would have a chance  to take selfies and photos with cliff hanging on the background. It’s few meters  away from the camp site, but before reaching the top, hikes would have to do  rock climbing and scrambling. Extra precautions are needed on every step.

How to Get Here | We rode in a bus bound for Lemery and alighted at Cuenca Market. Rode in a tricycle to the  jump off and registration area. Just tell the tricycle driver and they already know  the area.


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