Boracay Island

Boracay IslandBoracay Island is one of the most famous islands in the world and one of the prides  of the Philippines. If you’re a Filipino and talking about beaches, then this island is  always one on the list to visit. Boracay is situated in Aklan, just 45 minutes from the  airports in Manila. During my visit in June 2014, it’s beauty is remarkable – stunningly  gorgeous even though it was already a rainy season.

The White Sand Beach | Every where on the island, white sand can be found. It’s  not just fine – white sand; it is comparable to baby powder because of it’s super  fine white sand with cool and crystalline waters. On the shore, there are living  creatures such tiny crabs and shell fish, while the colorful fishes are swimming in  the water.

Boracay Island HotelsWhere to Stay | Boracay has everything in terms of lodging; from the 5 star to  cottage type hotels. I stayed at Orchids Resort and I only paid 780 pesos for a 3  days 2 nights accommodation, with free breakfast. Recommended by TripAdvisor.

Activities | Since the island is surrounded by clear waters, tourists have a lot of  options for water activities, extra budget is a must. You can try jet skiing, kayaking,  boating, para-sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many many many more.

Boracay Island RestaurantsWhere to Eat | Restaurants, bars and cafeterias  are present in every sides of the  island; from super expensive with international touch delicacies and to very proud  Filipino ‘turo-turo‘ are also available. Where to Shop | Boutiques and shops are available in every corners in the island.

Boracay SunsetThe Sunset | Aside from the white sand beach, another spectacular event is the  sunset. During my visit, it was one of the great sunsets that I’ve ever seen. The  wind was cool while the sky has a combination of bluish, orangey and grayish  colors, forming an amazing images.

Budget | Eleven months before my travel, I booked my flight in 0-Fare promo. So, I  spent 750 pesos for my Manila to Caticlan to Manila. Airport to Jetty Port was 200  pesos. Jetty port to Airport – 180 pesos. Terminal ticket – 70 pesos , boat fare – 60 pesos. Tricycle fare (port to hotel) – 100 pesos, 15 pesos (hotel to Boracay port). Hotel  Accommodation – 750 pesos. Food and other Expenses – 700 pesos.


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