Mt. Manabu

Mt. ManabuMt. Manabu is derived from Filipino word ‘mataas na bundok’. This was my second  summit, after Mt. Pundaquit in Zambales, reached way back in 2012, for the  Freedom Climb of the same year. This is the mountain where I discovered the  richness of nature. At first it was so challenging, but when I reached the top, it  was a remarkable feeling.

Mt. Manabu TrailThe Trail | It’s a moderate ascend on a trail covered with hard wood and fruit  bearing trees, while shrubs, grasses, and vegetables are on every sides. The  trails are well-established, especially on the first part, because these serve as the  way of the residents in transporting their crops, from the mountain to the market.  Trail marks are placed on the trees to make sure that hikers are on the right way.  The terrain is slippery when wet.

Mt. Manabu SummitThe Summit and the Campsite | The campsite is an open and wide space that can  handle several tents at the same time. There are campsites situated on the areas  covered with trees, perfect for people looking for privacy. The ambiance is cool  and the air is fresh. The summit is few meters ascend from the campsite. On the  summit, there’s a huge concrete cross and has a 360 degrees view of the  province and some of the mountains in southern Luzon. Mountain ranges look like  shadows from afar. Everywhere is so green, so relaxing!

How to Get Here | At Alps Bus Terminal, we rode in a bus bound for  Batangas and alighted in Tambo exit. Then, we chartered a  jeepney to Sulok, Sta. Cruz, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Processed the registration and  started ascending. Registration fees are to be collected. Washrooms are available  in the area.


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