Mt. Ugo Traverse

Mt. Ugo

Mt. Ugo is one of the giants, located in Northern Luzon. Our traverse was a two days itinerary, from Brgy. Kayapa, Nueva Vizacaya to Itogon, Benguet. This mountain has a cool ambiance, covered with relaxing green surroundings and absolutely beautiful. Ugo bears colorful ornaments spread on the trails and hanging on the trees. There were several birds singing and while other creatures made this mountain as their paradise.

Mt. UgoThe Trail | Mt. Ugo has a very very long trail up to the summit; then, same with summit to descent. From your first step at Brgy. Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya to the summit is literally an uphill. It has a moderate to heavy trail and an assault to the campsite. It took us 9 hours and 30 minutes trek (including breaks and photo ops) from the jump off to the campsite. While walking on the trail, I can say time is just a number, we even don’t care about it because what we were seeing were beautiful; from the slopes, the trees, flowers and hearing the birds singing – wow! Everything seems to be remarkable.

Mt. Ugo Sea of CloudsThe Campsite | Ugo has a clean and wide campsite, covered with grass and shrubs. The famous ‘dead tree‘ is still standing and gives a perfect shadow on the background. This mountain is a huge and wide pasture for the cows, so please keep your belongings before sleeping, they eat shirts not just grass.

The Sea of Clouds | Another spectacular event that we witnessed was the stunning ‘sea of clouds‘ early in the morning. Many hikers know that Mt. Pulag has a gorgeous sea of clouds, but Ugo also has almost the same. The dark skies transformed into a bright orange, mixed with blue and gray. The campsite is above the clouds.

Mt. Ugo SummitThe Summit | It’s a 15 to 20 minutes ascend from the campsite. Its summit measures 2,150 MASL. The famous mark on the summit is still intact, it’s the exact location where the plane crash happened.

How to Get Here | We rode in a Victory Liner bus bound for Santiago, Isabela but alighted in CCQ bus terminal, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. Then, we chartered a van to Brgy. Kayapa market, in Nueva Vizcaya. Expenses | Victory bus to CCQ – 317 pesos. Van to Brgy. Kayapa – 2500 pesos (group). 2 Guides – 2000 pesos  (group). Jeep from the jump off (Benguet) to Baguio – 2500 pesos (group). Brgy. Registration – 200 pesos per head. Victory bus bound for Manila – 450 pesos per head.


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