Molo Church

Molo ChurchMolo Church (St. Anne Parish) is situated in front of the town plaza. Molo is actually one of the seven districts of Ilo-Ilo City which formerly called Parian (Chinatown) because the residents here were mostly Chinese. Then it was changed into Moro because of the frequent arrival of Muslim pirates from Mindanao, but later evolved in Molo –

It was built in 1831 by the Ilonggo artists and it is the proof that the residents are really great in terms of arts. This church has Gothic-Renaissance architecture and it’s the only one outside Manila. It is made from coral stones with egg whites mixed with sand for some parts. August 4, 1886 when it was visited by Dr. Jose Rizal when he was on his way to Manila from exile in Dapitan to pray and see the gorgeous paintings (today, it’s no longer existing).

Dome is always part of many old churches in the world. In this church, it’s like the Dome of St. Peters in Vatican City. Molo church survived from different calamities because it is very sturdy. It served as an evacuation center for the civilians during World War II. In 1992, the National Historical Institute declared it as a National Landmark. My itinerary and more photos here: TravellingCup


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