The Ruins

The RuinsThe Ruins of Talisay City was the largest residential structure built at that time. This mansion belongs to sugar baron Don Mariano “Anoy” Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948.) Built after the death of his wife Maria Braga (1911) and served as the residence of their unmarried children. But, early part of World War II, USAFEE and then guerrilla fighters bunt this mansion to prevent the Japanese forces in making this structure as their headquarters. It was burning for three days, leaving no traces of its glorious past, but still the effort of the workers paid off, because it’s gorgeous RUINS are still standing and part of our today.

One of the sons, Felipe was the one supervised the construction of this mansion. He insured that the mixtures of concrete that they were using were all in A-grade. The pouring plan was precisely followed and he made sure that he and the builders run their hands to the walls, posts, columns and arches and they should feel the marble-like effect on that. Before pouring, he even gathered more people to ensure that the process will be done non-stop until the whole structure was completed.

The flooring used in the mansion were long-span 2-inch thick hard wood, running from the main entrance facing the fountain all the way to the end of the dining room with no joints. The woods were about a meter wide and were approximately 20.5 meters long. They initially poured three drums of gasoline to ignite the floors of the mansion but nothing happened. Upon returning, they mixed two drums of gasoline with four drums of used oil and poured the mixture on the floors of the mansion. My itinerary and more photos here: TravellingCup


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