Mt. Banahaw

Mt. BanahawIn terms of folklore and stories I think Mt. Banahaw is one of the famous mountains in the country, that’s why it’s the ‘holy mountain,’ that title already explains why. This mountain lies and serves as the boundary of the provinces of Quezon, Laguna and Rizal. It bears a magnificent view on top and the richness spread everywhere. Banahaw is always closed for hikers because DENR wants to preserve its natural beauty. Beside this maountain is Mt. Cristobal, which is known as the ‘devils mountain.’ According to stories, the negative energy in Banahaw is being absorbed by Cristobal – they both situated in almost same spot anyways.

Mt. BanahawThe Trail | Its elevation measures 2500 MASL, so majority of the trail is an uphill and assault. The trail is not that established, since it’s been close for several years. Majority of the trail is covered with tall trees with shrubs and grasses on the sides. Mosses spread everywhere, this is a proof that it’s a rain-forest. Since it is considered as ‘holy mountain‘ by some, I noticed cross erected beside the trail. Descending this mountain was a challenge; the trail was wet, making it so slippery and muddy, plus the fact that it’s a downhill.

Mt. Banahaw

The Summit and the Campsite | There’s no permanent campsite established by the trails. There were open spaces but allotted for emergency purposes only. On the summit, during our visit, the wind was cold and some parts were covered with fog, there was even zero visibility. The summit has a small space surrounded by trees on the sides. Hikers would need to climb up to the huge boulder just to do photo ops and to see the views.

How to Get here | We rode in a bus bound for Quezon and alighted in Jollibee, San Pablo. Then, we chartered a jeepney to the jump off at Brgy. Kinabuhayan. Needs to Consider | This mountain is always close to hikers. Before hiking, it is a MUST to secure a DENR permit and a guide.


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