Biak na Bato | Bahay Paniki Cave

Biak na Bato

The Bahay Paniki Cave (House of Bats) is located 300 meters south of the Aguinaldo Cave, in Biak na Bato Historical Shrine.  This part of the National Park is not easy to penetrate due to some sharp and slippery boulders, on the trail.  This area is comparable to a jungle, but in organized way. Look at the photo above, that’s how the cave opening looks like.  The opening is really enormous and surrounded by huge boulders.  The trees and plants created their own arcs by the mouth of the opening.  When I captured this photo, I was standing almost 400 meters away from the mouth, but I was still smelling the bats poops.

Bahay Paniki CaveBoulders are really huge. Inside this cave is an open space that stretches 30 meters up forming a colorful, gorgeous and spacious dome. Then beside the cave is the free flowing cold water coming from the cracks of the rocks, inside the cave. It is said to be the home of at least six species of winged mammals like: kabag-kabag, ngusong kabayo, bungisngis, sibsib, bayakan and pakibu.


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