Talicud Island | Mindanao

Talicud Island

Talicud Island is a smaller island situated at the back side of Island Garden of Samal or literally ‘sa likod.’ This is one of the island paradise in Davao del Norte that bears fine beaches with crystal clear water, fine white sand, colorful underwater creatures and hospitality from the locals.

Talicud Island Where to stay

Where To Stay | One of the famous resorts in the island is Isla Reta. This resort built their own port for more convenience to all the visitors. It is also just a walking distance from the public port. Isla Reta got a portion of a fine white beach. There’s a canteen/store plus a charging station. Water faucet, wash and shower rooms are available. If you’re planning to prepare fresh sea food for dinner, you can also check out at the stores outside the resort without any additional fees.

Expenses | Ferry: 80 pesos. Isla Reta: we only paid 100 pesos entrance fee per head plus tent pitching.

Talicud Island

How to Get Here | It was our post climb destination after the tiring hike on Mt. Apo | From Davao International Airport, you canĀ  ride in a taxi to ‘Sta. Ana Wharf,’ one of the Ports in Davao City.Travel time is less than 45 minutes. Then, at the port you can ride on a ‘lancha‘ or a ferry to Talicud Island.


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