The Beautiful Tinuy-an Falls


The Beautiful Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur

Tinuy-an Falls is one of tourist spots, attractions, and destinations that Surigao del Sur can offer. Tinuy-an is a huge water fall with cool and crystal clear waters, and is surrounded by relaxing greens, creating the area a gorgeous landscape. The ambiance is so cool, with the fresh air blowing. Most part of the Tinuy-an falls is accessible, including the pool area.

Tourists can also go and step on the higher part of the Tinuy-an falls and the amazing feeling because of the water pressure can be felt. This gorgeous waterfalls is surrounded by trees and other plants that maybe helps to collect more water and protect the land area from soil erosion. Tourist guides are available.

 It was such an exciting experience riding on the habal-habal. It was my first time and I have fear on riding a vehicle with two wheels and I just happy because am able to survive the feeling. Photo above will explain more. By the way, the lake on the side was a rice field, but after the recent typhoon it converted to a wide lake. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Entrance fees are to be collected. Stores and cottages are available.

More photos are upload Here >>>


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