Mt. Damas Traverse

Mt. DamasUntil now, Mt. Damas is still in debate if it’s really a minor or a major climb. Others would say it’s a minor one because of its elevation but others would say its a major one because of its trail type and technicalities. The entire journey was composed of assault and river crossing. This mountain is also the home of some eatas who protect it from illegal activities.

Mt. Damas TrailThe Trail | The first part is walking on a simple but uphill trail where the terrain is covered with trees and with grass and shrubs on the sides. Next part is a major assault and then steep descent to the river. Then, another assault after the river to the summit. But I enjoyed this part, because there were colorful flowers on the ground, orchids hanging on the trees and the birds were like nightingales singing melodies. On our second day, since we traversed, after we descended from the summit, next part was river crossing. It wasn’t easy at all because we were hopping on and off the slippery boulders and walking against the water current.

Mt. DamasDueg river | After the tiring trek is the river crossing, where hikers would need to hop on and off the boulders. If you feel that your tired and wants to replenish your tired muscles, then this area is perfect for swimming. The water is clear and really cool! We enjoyed watching the river flowing and hearing the splashes while having our lunch break here. And of course, the most famous Ubod Falls is a must visit spot here in Damas.

Mt. DamasThe Summit and the Campsite | On top of Damas is an open area which serves as the campsite for the hikers. The area can handle less than ten tents, depending on the sizes. But there are clear areas on the lower level that can also be a campsite. During our hike, we witnessed a ‘sea of clouds’ early in the morning.

How to Get here | We rode in a bus to Camiling, Tarlac and alighted by the highway near Camiling Market and the old Camiling Catholic Church. Then we chartered a jeep to the jump off in Brgy. Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac.


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